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Mix No.1: All PurposefulMix No.1: All Purposeful

Mix No.1

All Purposeful

All-purpose universal soil. A “go to” blend that takes out the guesswork of deciding which potting soil to use.

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Mix No.2: Nuts for CocoMix No.2: Nuts for Coco

Mix No.2

Nuts for Coco

Mixed with a high percentage of coconut coir, which some growers prefer. It will hold water longer so less attention is needed.

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Mix No.3: Lush HydroponicsMix No.3: Lush Hydroponics

Mix No.3

Lush Hydroponics

For all the active folks who like to give their plants some extra attention. This mix is perfect for those who water heavy and feed heavy.

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Amendment: Bio-TopeAmendment: Bio-Tope



An organic compost rich in microbial activity made to add to any of the three Opus Grows mixes above. It acts as an extra espresso shot in your latte.

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