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The People Behind Opus Grows


We stand for uncompromised soil quality, organic growing and sustainable sourcing of ingredients. Our team is continuously looking for ways to make our potting soil better, so you can grow with confidence and always achieve the goals you set for yourself: longer lasting blooms, sweeter homegrown tomatoes, thriving exotic ferns, or the hottest peppers on the Scoville scale! Your satisfaction with our potting soil is our top priority.


Opus Grows is the newest addition to the organic line of products by Rexius, a family-owned business founded in the 1930’s in Eugene, Oregon. As an extension of the family, our employees help us contribute throughout the community and are the driving force behind our longevity and success.


The promise of good soil stewardship has committed us to focusing on the long-term benefits of providing environmentally responsible products. Good soil stewardship is an important step in keeping our plant life healthy and our water clean.


Our bottom line doesn’t feed into corporate profits, we have been an independent business since our inception and have stayed that way. We are an active member of our local community and remain free to choose how to contribute to the common good.

Rexius was started four generations ago when all farming was done the way it ought to be, organically. For over 70 years we have kept our products local and organic. Our business has grown and changed throughout the years, but we have never strayed from the conviction that we must do our part to care for the environment by keeping healthy and sustainable farming traditions alive.



Rexius represents more than seventy years of history rich in services, products, and traditions that provide great value to the community and a model for sustainable business practices.

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