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Premium Organic Soil

Hand Delivered


Decide what you want to grow and
pick the right soil for the job.


Skip the store. Get your soil delivered
to your door for free and dig in.


Add a little green to your life.
Nurture it and watch it flourish.

Opus Grows with

Natural & Organic Soils

Natural Organic 1

Soil worthy of
a master gardener

Natural Organic 2

Inspiration for
healthy living

Natural Organic 3

Adding simple joy
to everyday life

Only the Best


From sourcing the best ingredients to blending the best recipes, we only use the finest ingredients to create healthy soil biology for you and your plants.
Here’s a handful of our core ingredients.


Enhances the compost to increase
biological activity & prolong its lifespan


Attaches symbiotically to live root
systems, acting as a conduit for
nutrients and water to the plant

Worm Castings

Naturally enriches and aerates soil
for improved water-retention, root
growth, and seed germination

Coconut Coir Fiber

Improves water-retention by
leaps & bounds (absorbing
seven times its dry weight)

Why Opus?

Good soil is the best TLC you can give your plants! Our exceptional ingredients are carefully sourced, and our potting soil reaches you just days after being blended at our facility. No middlemen, no warehousing.
Open the box and let your imagination grow.

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Take Gratification &
Pleasure in growing

Grow it Organic & Fresh
in your own home

Explore, learn and be curious

Bring the joy of
the outdoors in

See what we've got growing
in our community

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Today's Highlight

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